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Well, it wasn’t a bar, it was actually Katie’s house, but the two players are there. And with Katie there it makes two introverts and one extrovert and a whole lot of tired. But then something happened. We sat and talked about how tired we were and then that moved onto the cunning plan and then Iain showed and told about his thinking at 1am (couldn’t sleep so was totally productive) and that led to the cunning plan taking more shape.

Why does this matter for my job? Because today my amazing boss spoke about why she became an academic. She likes to manage her work, she likes to set her own goals she likes to work in a way that involves research and teaching and for which there are cycles of time. She is an introvert and being an academic suits her preferred work style.

I am an extrovert. Working in a university. Until recently I was working, basically isolated in an office. I’m now with the administration team in a large shared space and I love it! The noise, the chatter, the constant movement. I was so productive today it was scary! And my brain! It’s fired up and coming up with ideas again.

So I have learnt from my wonderful cunning plan conspirators and from my wonderful boss and from the amazing admin team that we need the mix. We benefit from the introvert, extrovert walking into a bar and having a chat. Well, I do anyway. See, while I need the noise and hubbub I also need the introvert. I need the insights that my boss gives me. I prattle at her for a while and then she just says “Can we do X?” and it’s like a whole new world to me. My cunning plan conspirators are the ideas people. I’m just the one who talks a lot, oh, and thinks about the money.

Thank you introverts. I think it’s time I walked with you into more bars, because I think there’s a whole lot more you can teach me. Thank you.


I did a quick re-read of this blog site this morning and realised that it is starting to become a real collection of brain stuff for me. Wait – that sounded better in my brain….

This site is building quite nicely into a collection of resources and analysis that I see value in for the future for me. (That’s better!)

Last night though, I was reminded that the best resource I have are the smart people in my life. Iain and Katie and I got together and had a brain storm about what we would like to do to address some of the disconnects in high schools in relation to technology. We have together developed a cunning plan. It is a plan that I would never have been able to think up by myself. I needed others.

I’ve talked a lot about this in relation to my current job. I need others to identify and develop solutions for the academics I’m trying to support. All cunning plans need conspirators.

Last night I spoke to Katie and Iain about choosing complementary conspirators. I think they thought I was being a little crazy. But I’ve been involved in a few plans (most of them not that cunning, but, they were plans) that have gone terribly south all because I chose crappy conspirators. I chose people (or people chose me on rare occasions where someone thought I would be useful!) who I thought would be great, but when it came to going over the top of the trench to meet the challenge, they had to suddenly be elsewhere. That left me alone at the top watching the gun fire reign down.

My husband says I try to help people too much. I think he’s right. I do try. I don’t always succeed and that annoys me. I don’t take to failure too well. The cunning plan in motion is ambitious and tries to help all high school students in the ACT. My husband is right – I try too much. This time there is no try, thanks to Yoda there is only do or do not. Iain, Katie – stuff it – let’s do it!

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