Can kids learn online?

Reading a post on my fast becoming favourite blog and nodding wisely at the content. Husband comes up and has a read over my shoulder. I summarise for him that it’s asking if kids can learn online. Because he’s brilliant (and he really is) he says:

Of course kids can learn online, but what are they learning?

This is brilliant. Okay, maybe you all knew this. Maybe this is not the revelation I think it is. But it’s the first time I’ve thought of the gaps between what we plan to teach and what they actually learn. It might be that they learn heaps of valuable stuff but it is not what was actually planned. Of course the next question is:

If they aren’t learning what was intended, but they are still learning, does it matter?

And now it’s starting to feel a little like “If a tree falls in the forrest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” But seriously, this is doing my head in. Online learning has just become something totally cool…….but now I really need to work how we measure it.


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