Curating for the curators

Again there is a gap between posts as I’ve not had time to fully reflect. The pace increases the more I understand what is required.

What I understand now is that I am attempting to curate information for academics to support them to curate their information for their students. The risk with this is that it could become that blind leading the blind proposition. I say this because there is just so much information in the online space it is difficult to curate effectively even if you are content expert. Academics are content experts in their fields, but I haven’t found yet who has a field in curating online information. Of course, that’s not actually my field either, bringing me back to the blind situation.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. (Cliches are my thing…) I actually think there are really wonderful people in the university for whom the ability to curate information online is their field. So even more this job is not actually about me completing tasks, but finding people with the skills and understanding to help me help others complete the tasks.

Hmmm I think I’m starting to ramble. I’m going to recap. My job is not about curating the information for academics, or creating their quiz, or putting their content online. My job is working with academics to help them identify what they want to achieve, tools they can access, people they can access and then creating the connections so they can achieve without me being there. If I do this job properly, it should be that I have curated enough information/tools/connections that momentum will continue regardless if I’m there or not. Basically, I should be able to do myself out of a job. I’m just not sure that’s achievable by June (when my contract ends!)


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