What type of student are you?

I find myself repeating every day, we can bring the horse to water……talking to yet another amazing academic today we discussed how does one engage the student who doesn’t even want to be in the room? That student doing the unit because it’s core. The student with no interest, no desire and/or no ability to complete the unit successfully.

The answer is that technology will not save you. There is a perception that technology will cure all ills and only if the content is delivered through a screen the student will engage automatically. It won’t happen. The only way to engage the disengaged is good old fashioned teaching.

Teaching that is passionate and knowledgable about the subject. Teaching that inspires through humour or relevancy or both or other things that inspire other people. (For me it’s relevancy and humour. Make me laugh and make it matter and I’ll engage.) it is the quality of the teacher that matters for engagement not the tool. I am conscious that I need to reference studies here, because they are out there, that proved the evidence of the importance of the teacher. But I’m on a device, not my computer, and I can’t post and reference at the same time. Maybe there will be an update to this post……

Anyway, today was the day to ask what sort of student we are trying to engage and if they are even able to be engaged regardless of the smorgasbord of content deliver we use. Can we engage the unengageable? Are we maybe missing the point by putting content online? Should instead should we be training skills on how to learn and engage? Do we have a cart before a horse? At some point I ink someone is going to start asking me for answered to these questions. I just hope I’ve got some….


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