Initial Reflections

This site will be a place where I reflect on the amazing work being undertaken in my work place by so many people to create flexible and engaging content for students. And as my first post, this will be a quick summary of reflections over the last three weeks. I’m hoping that future posts will be a little more analytical than summative.

So far I’ve spoken to a broad range of people with their own perspectives on the processes underway in the University. What has been overwhelming is the positive attitude everyone has about learning. Regardless of their opinion of the project per se, they are passionate about their students and the future of education. This passion is contagious. It is also something that really ebbed and flowed in secondary education.

The next is the understanding of complexities. Every conversation I’ve had has provided insights into the complexities faced by individuals and how different they are. As the person in the middle, if I start to think about all the complexities at once, well, I think seriously about running. But again, it is the passion people have to face these complexities and to work with others to find solutions that is inspiring. There is no running, just shear determination to create better outcomes for students.

It is going to be tough. Everyone knows this. And it is possible to be overwhelmed. But in the coming months I’m looking forward to working with these inspiring people to create positive learning outcomes.


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